Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year !

Long time no see ! It's been months since I last update my blog. I'm so lazy to update my blog and I have totally no idea what to blog about, so yeah..
Anyways, I'm gonna start my first post of 2012 with my awesome new year eve countdown :)
Spent my new year eve my lovely sisters and friends. Quite sad that some of them couldn't make it to countdown together but still, I felt very happy :D
As you know, new year eve, there must be crowded everywhere including the restaurants. 
We had a hard time choosing restaurant to have our dinner and finally, we decided to go Bel Pasto, one restaurant which serves Italian cuisine. We went there at 6pm as we did reservation earlier. 
Again, having some hard time to get ourselves to order food cause we were busy chatting and totally ignored the menu and waiters around us LOL. 

*peace* Qinyi's favourite pose :P

The PC couple :P

The girls :)

Spent an hour plus in the restaurant and headed to Desa Park City after that. I've been counting down in this place for 3 years hahahah.  We parked our cars in huiyee's house and 3 of us, Qinyi, Huiyee and I stayed at her house for almost an hour as the Huiyee wanted to charge her phone so badly. And can girls do when they are with a camera ? Camwhore la :D

Huiyee meow posing with the doll I made for her birthday last last year. 

Took whatever things in her room and pose LOL

Gong Xi Fat Chai !

Started to take some ugly photos as we all agreed that we look better in doing some funny and ugly faces HAHAH

That two drama queens.

Last photo before we headed to water front. 

Went to walk around the bazaar and stage to have a look. There was so crowded and the people getting more and more. We couldn't stand the hotness and we need something cool so we went 32f to have some ice to cool us down before we started to get high. Puikia didn't want to join us and he went into the crowd in front of the stage and started to dance HAHAH

Cause we are friends, forever don't forget <3

The other girls came out to meet us up before counting down.

In the crowd.

Before we start to get high and jump like crazy people. 

Met up with puikia and some guys and we can't believe that the guys were actually more hyper and high than the girls lol. Getting higher as the time getting nearer to 12. Screamed and jump with the crowd. The only annoying thing was the party spray, so smelly and sticky. But we have no time to care so much lol. 
Was very happy until the last 60 seconds. My heart beat getting faster and faster and after everyone's ONE, my tears rolled down. Yeah, I cried again. Qinyi and Huiyee cried too. I don't know how to describe that feelings, it's a kind of complicated feelings. Forget it la hahah. The fireworks were awesome, really really beautiful but I guess we didn't really concentrate at the starting cause we were busy crying LOL. 

Met RhuChyi too :))

3 of us again. 
I love you all <3

We bought 3 wishing lanterns before the countdown. Planned to put all 3 up to the sky but ended up only 1.
Cause we afraid of getting scold as it is illegal and most of the people already put theirs up before the countdown. And tell me what will you think about when you see this ? You Are The Apple of My Eye. Hahahah.  I was busy acting the scenes in that movie while they were busy lighting up the fire hahahah. 
We even went to buy a marker pen to write our wishes on the lantern. 

Pose before we let the lantern go.

My wishes. Basically there's only 2 here. 
But I wrote another 2 behind but that two are quite irrelevant hahaha.

Another annoying couple HAHA.

Last photo before we went back. 

It was almost 2 when we walked out from water front. Everyone was pretty tired and exhausted. 
I stayed overnight at Huiyee's house and the rest went home after that. We slept at 5am in the morning, crazy us. Was busy eating maggi cup and talking without realising the time.
Overall, I had fun :) A whole new year, I wish for a better year and believe it will be :)
Must achieve my goals. Be tough and smile no matter what :) 
Quite a long post. It's 3am now. Goodbye and goodnight :)