Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy new year !

Hello , Happy New Year everyone ! Hope I'm not too late since it's just the 5th day of the year :P It has been few weeks since I last update my blog. I'm so lazy to blog, so lazy to think of what to blog about cause my life ain't that interesting hahahaha.
I've already started to work two weeks ago :D Too desperate for money because I'm so broke right nowwww. Working part time in a company as office girl I consider it as, easy job scope but boring life. Luckily I have two good friends of mine to accompany me, at least we can talk during that one hour lunch break lolol. My colleagues are all friendly and funny people, and I'm currently still blur about the company's details like Idk who's the boss LOL! damn fail rightt. Anyway, just a short update about my recent life. 

Talking about new year, I went DPC to countdown again. But too bad this year wasn't as fun as last year's one, we all were standing like some stones listening to the band's performance, takde rasa at all ahhh! Until the last minute only we started to get high. Another year passed, time flies super duper fast. Can't believe I'm finally done with my STPM life, and I was thinking about my lower six life and I realized oh my it was two years ago. I feel so old right now hahahahah. New year resolutions ? hmm I'm still thinking about it. Feeling no life sometimes because I don't have a goal ever since STPM ended. Kind of lifeless I feel.

Anyway, it's a whole new year, I hope for a better 365 days, more happiness, more laughters, more time to spend with the precious ones :)

01012013 :')