Thursday, December 30, 2010

Again :)

Hello :D I changed my blog skin again. I love the old blog skin a lot, but it has fixed some setting in it like I cant change my font, the size & the colours. And also the picture size, so yeah. Using so much time to search for new blog skin and finally I decided to use this :D And I added one statcounter in my blog hahaa :p

nothing much to say in this post, hmm. Oh ya, I gonna work on new year eve and new year ! wtf. but nvm, until 1 in the afternoon only.

okay la, thats it for this super short post, byebye!

i miss you <3


Hello :D A short update here :)
hmm, went Green Apple with wei sheng & mei mei (jie hau) just now.
Had around 2 hours of yam cha session.
Because our mei mei is leaving this sunday to ipoh for national service, how sad :(
hahaa :pp
Had fun there, wei sheng acted like ah pek there hahaa :p im sorry my dear :p
And I forced wei sheng to belanja me ice cream hahaa. lame.
Before leaving, I forced them to take a photo with me haha x)

wei sheng aka the boyf.
I look like ghost in this photo so I covered my face.
And I added one blue love LOL.
This guy is leaving to johor 7am tomorrow, leave me alone :(
I'll definitely miss you like crazy haha :)

mei mei aka jie hau.
one of my besties :)
he asked me not to post this photo on my blog.
but I posted :p
because you said ' NO PPL READ YOUR BLOG ONE LA'
hahaaa :pp
this guy is leaving on sunday, I'll miss you too!
Can't wait to see your botak head after 3 months :p

These two guys play an important role in my life, I heart them :')
Ok it's time to sleep I guess, hope I can sleep earlier lol.
byebye :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Grandma's 73th birthday celebration

It's grandma's 73th birthday :D
One month ago, the adults started to plan where to celebrate.
And so, they decided to celebrate it at grandma's house and call 'lok lok' car :)
We prepared some other food too.
Since we were busy eating yesterday night, nobody captured any photo of the 'lok lok' car or food :p


singing birthday song :)

blow candle

the whole family ♥ can you spot me ?

grandma with all her children and son & daughter in law :)

grandma with all her grandchildren

grandma with the grandchildren and their friends, boyf and girlf :)
are you searching for someone ?

hmm, thats it for this post :)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Forrest 1st birthday

Hello :)
Merry Christmas once again :D
hmm, so today I went Forrest 1st birthday party at Chill Out located at Subang Parade.
My mum is baby sitting him, so we're invited lol.
The party started at 12pm but we were late cause we got into wrong way lol.

Forrest, I didn't take his photo just now
so I took this picture from his invitation card hahaa.
paiseh paiseh.

outside the restaurant

We were having buffet lunch.
I didn't take any photo of our food.

smoking area

every child get this , this belongs to my lil bro.

Forrest's parents invited a clown to the party :)
A cute and funny clown.
And they invited one santa claus too, but I cant get to take photo.

the big teddy bear, the prize.
they prepared it for a competition during the party.
We left earlier so we didn't join.

these are all real presents not empty boxes lol.
We were asked to take one before we left.

and I took it.
guess what is inside ?

barbie doll !
I decided to give it to my cousin sis :)

We went home around 2.
and thats it for today, byebye :))


It's 25th of dec now, MERRY CHRISTMAS people :DD
So yesterday, christmas eve, I went to celebrate with him.
We planned to go The Curve to countdown but unfortunately, it rains.
We changed our plan, went for other place to have dinner and went dpc to meet up with huiyee cause she's alone.
We went Porto Romano which located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail to have our dinner :)
It's a restaurant which serves Italian-Mediterranean cuisine.
Nice environment and nice food :))
We reached there around 7.45 and luckily it was not full with people :)


my cappuccino

my ravioli with smoked salmon :)
damn nice :DD

his spaghetti carbonara

dessert - tiramisu :))
ichiban :DD

We left the restaurant at 9pm and headed to Desa Park City.
Meet up with huiyee , teckhan and jiehau.
Went Coffee Bean and chit chatted for almost 2hours I think ?
Saw kei there :DD with her boyf hahaa :p
took picture with her but the photos are with huiyee.
Jiehau went home earlier and 4 of us went Kays Garden, to eat french fries LOL.
We stayed there for half an hour and we left.
After sending huiyee back home, he fetched me home :)
and there my christmas eve ends :)
A lovely night

picture of us, quite dark :(
but that was the best among all cause I dont know why most of them are blurr :S
nevermind :)
Me love you, Mr Sheng

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ya I went to work today lol.
This morning when I was still sleeping, mum came to wake me up.
It was 8.30 in the morning, 8.30am !
I used to wake up around 12.30 nowadays, and I slept at 2 ytd night :S
Mum's friend asked me to work because her worker sudah lari diri LOL
no la, the worker go back to her hometown without telling the boss I think.
So she asked me to help her. okay lor. can earn money what hahaa.
Actually it is a quite easy job la, just selling exercise books bla bla in school.
Koperasi la, or 贩卖部 in chinese.
work from 9 to 2 o'clock.

this is the place I work.
I took this picture in the room.
The girl is my new friend, Jocelyn, same age :)
She did this job last year, she knows most of the things and she taught me :)
A friendly girl.

I took this photo from the front.
hmm, quite messy.
all the yellow packets are exercise books.

remember all these ?
we used to see it during primary school :)

and I found this :D
the zaman-dahulu-glue hahaa.

kiddie story book lol.
I read this kind of books when I have nothing to do.
no customer nothing to do lor lol.
It was the first day I work so I didn't know that it might be that free.
Jocelyn find me all these story books haha.
at least I have something to do.

2pm. Mum went to fetch me.
oh I forgot to say, the school located in Aman Puri, very near to my house :)
thats it for today , byebye :D

*cant wait for tomorrow

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 days 2 nights in malacca

I'm back from malacca :D
We planned the trip just one week before the date we depart, pro kan ? LOL
anyway, the trip was success and awesome :))
finally I get to blog about it :)

16th of dec
Joyi's mum fetched me and ws to bukit jalil bus terminal in the morning.
Bsd's kakis followed Janice's mum.
Too bad our beloved huiyee was sick and she couldn't join us on the first day.
She came to join us at night.
When we reach malacca central, huiyee's cousin and uncle fetched us to our 'HOME'
Our home is a double storey house, with 4 rooms,
6 queen size beds, 4 air cons and 3 bathrooms :))
We cant stop shouting when we reach our home lol.
After unloading everything, we headed to town.
We kept 'waa-ing' when we see all the antique buildings, macam 'shua gu', I dont know what it call in chinese.

first group picture

river cruise

we went jonker street to settle our lunch.
We ate chicken rice ball , 鸡饭粒
and everyone thinks that normal chicken rice is better lol
but what huiyee told us is that restaurant we went has the worst taste among all the restaurants. too bad and too sad.

the cold chickens lol.

noob and his friend hahaa :p
we walked along jonker street and went back to christ church.

Tan Beng Swee Clocktower

koktung played with his maltose , eww :p

photo shooting session ?

St.Francis Xavier Church

mana cheo well ?

the ladies, and Janice was the photographer.

praying for SPM straight As :p
We headed to dataran pahlawan to rest after that.
And we sesat jalan LOL.
After Joyi called huiyee's mum to ask for direction only we continue our journey :)
We spent quite a long time in dataran pahlawan drinking and eating.
and paktoh-ing :p

dataran pahlawan :)
We went to have our dinner later.
Satay Celup.
lined up for about half an hour I think ?
I couldn't remember.

lining up in front of the restaurant.

satay celup.

After done with our dinner, we simply walked around
Of course, we took photos :)

M'sia SNSD with a guy member LOL.

We went to sit mamee boat along the malacca river.
10bucks per person, worth it :)
again, we act like we were coming out from kampung and making noise on the boat.

mamee boat lol.

the gang :D

1 malaysia , the M'sia flag is the roof top of the house.

We didn't know that there are such beautiful drawing behind every building.

After the boat ride, we waited for huiyee's uncle to fetch us back our home.
Huiyee came along with her uncle and finally she could join us :DD
The next day, we woke up quite late and we went out around 1pm.
Went to have nyonya lunch at Ole Sayang.
The food was quite ok but the price was O.O

Went to Mahkota Parade after our lunch.
The guys dont like shopping and they walked separately with us.
After walking for a while, huiyee qinyi jackie eeling and me dont feel like walking anymore and we went to kfc.
the three shopping queens Joyi Munkuen and Janice continue with their shopping.
Around 5 we reached Jonker Street.

Group picture :D

The weather wasn't that good, it rains :(
luckily we brought our umbrella but it still better if it doesn't rain.
So troublesome holding your umbrella and walk and you'll always hit others umbrella.
The three shopping queen continue with their shopping again haha.
the guys went to find nice food,
and 5 of us slowly walking along the street, do some window shopping and bought some food to share.

Durian puff, joyi's hand lol.
the durian puff memang BEST :)
super duper nice.

We were tired after walking for so long plus it was raining
no mood to walk anymore and we went back.
We decided to buy maggi at 7-eleven on the way back home.
Janice cooked us maggi :)

maggi :)

the shopping queens showing the items they bought.
another shopping queen was taking the picture lol.
huiyee , promoting sunsilk shampoo :p
she always wish to hahaa :p

The guys bought two ghost movies at mahkota parade and they planned to watch before sleep.
4bia and shutter.
They managed to finish 4bia only.
Most of us felt sleepy when watching shutter and some of us fell asleep.
No one finish watching the second movie haha.

The next day, 18th of dec, we woke up earlier a bit and pack our things.
Left our home around 11am and went to have brunch.
'yu giao mian' this is what huiyee's cousin bro told us, it is 鱼鲛面 in chinese.
something do with fish la LOL.

Headed to malacca central around 12.45pm.
Our bus departed at 2pm.
Joyi's mum went to fetch her at the bus terminal cause she needed to attend a wedding at johor.

waiting at the bus terminal.

After we reach bukit jalil, we went home by ktm.
There our trip ended :')
A happy trip with the gang :D