Wednesday, December 15, 2010

books :o

I love books, or should I say I love reading books.
but definitely not text books lol.
I dont know why I love reading, hahaa.
I used to buy a lot of books everytime I go to the book shop.
And I collected quite a number of books since standard 1 I think.
I buy books crazily when I was small hahaa.
Nowadays I will just buy one or two books when I go to book shop, save money ma hahaa.

show off a bit :p

dad knows I love reading
he customize this bookshelf when I was 7 years old
such a good daddy I have haha :D

the first part of the bookshelf ? I dont know what it call lol.
just the first part la lol.
the upper part are all my dad's books, some inspirational book.
quite nice to read also. I read every kind of books :)
the lower part are all my books, a whole set of english books
some disney story books, mickey mouse story books and encyclopedia.
parents bought me this when I was 3 years old I think
but I didn't really read before, I just looked at the beautiful pictures hahaa!

the second part, all chinese books :DD
the upper part are all chinese essay books, and some comics.
'lou fu zi aka 老夫子' & some doraemons comics.
the middle part and lower part are all different kind of chinese books.
I read everything in here and I read over again and again.

That is the bookshelf outside my room.
I didn't get to occupy all the space in the bookshelf cause I'm not buying books that crazy anymore haha.
Now I used to keep some books in my room.

ignore the super messy lower part and the kfc stickers hahaa.
focus on the upper part.
but actually what I wanna focus is the right side of the upper part :p

most of them are my favourite novels by my favourite author, jht :DD
and some rawangboy's books and few hiyawu's and gidden's books.
jht is my love :D
I'm collecting his books, 2 or 3 more I can have the whole series of his books :D

ok, done with showing off or maybe you dont think I'm showing off lol.
I just feel proud of all my books hahaa :p
time to go, byebye :)
tomorrow is our trip :D


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