Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's 25th of dec now, MERRY CHRISTMAS people :DD
So yesterday, christmas eve, I went to celebrate with him.
We planned to go The Curve to countdown but unfortunately, it rains.
We changed our plan, went for other place to have dinner and went dpc to meet up with huiyee cause she's alone.
We went Porto Romano which located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail to have our dinner :)
It's a restaurant which serves Italian-Mediterranean cuisine.
Nice environment and nice food :))
We reached there around 7.45 and luckily it was not full with people :)


my cappuccino

my ravioli with smoked salmon :)
damn nice :DD

his spaghetti carbonara

dessert - tiramisu :))
ichiban :DD

We left the restaurant at 9pm and headed to Desa Park City.
Meet up with huiyee , teckhan and jiehau.
Went Coffee Bean and chit chatted for almost 2hours I think ?
Saw kei there :DD with her boyf hahaa :p
took picture with her but the photos are with huiyee.
Jiehau went home earlier and 4 of us went Kays Garden, to eat french fries LOL.
We stayed there for half an hour and we left.
After sending huiyee back home, he fetched me home :)
and there my christmas eve ends :)
A lovely night

picture of us, quite dark :(
but that was the best among all cause I dont know why most of them are blurr :S
nevermind :)
Me love you, Mr Sheng


  1. hello! HAHA sampat-ly dropping by! :D
    Eh the last picture VERY NICE! :DD cant bliv my cousie looks so yeng in semi-formal aah! :D and YOU! prettaaay as usual! <3