Saturday, December 4, 2010

New blog skin :)

As what you see, i changed my blog skin :DD
and I did it all by myself , hoho.
hahaa, this might sounds stupid to you but I'm an idiot in doing all these.
I used to ask my friend for help when I want to change my blog layout :p
because those code make me pening kepala hahaa.
I only know how to use those simple template provided in blogger hahaa.
and finally, i tried this myself and I did it :DD
feel so happy to see my new blog skin :))

time passes very fast, 3 subjects to go and it is HOOOLIDDAAAYYYY :DDD
but it's time to say goodabye also :'(

biology , chemistry and one more chinese :')

Till here for today, just an short update :)
time to study, byebye :)
fighting :O


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