Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey you.

There is nothing to do with the title, I'm just bored. Lol.
It's 1.13am now and I'm not sleeping yet *oh hi pimples* 
It has been a long time since I last update my blog I guess, I've no idea what to blog about, or maybe should I say I'm too lazy to blog ? Haha whatever. 
Finals ended few weeks ago, and I got my results too, one word, sucks. I'll work harder I promise :) 
I've been slacking since finals ended and didn't do anything AT ALL. Shoot me please. 
I shall start studying for next year I know. Or else 4flat will never say hi to me :(
Even the novels I've been dying to read during my finals I've lost interested in reading them now. Haha. 
Somebody wake me up please, slap me shoot me kill me. I'm being lame here. 
Never know life can be so boring without exams LOLOL. 
Ok I don't know what to say now, shall just off to bed. 
The picture below is for anyone who is reading this, :)
Goodnight :) 

I hope this is the last goodbye.
Hey boy, I like you :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

比高级版还要高级的超高级版 :)

I dedicate this post to a very berry important person in my life , it's her big day today :)
当你看见这篇东西的时候。。。我还在哈哈。我怎么舍得让你为我流泪呢?虽然我懂你一定讲你不会为我流泪的 :P
首先,我想要跟你说声对不起,因为没能帮你庆祝生日 :( 对不起我亲爱的笑,我还是很爱你的,给你多多♥ 把我的爱给完你,不要跟惠仪和洁曦讲,不然我就看不到明天晚上的月亮了,乌节路会在学校把我干掉。
已经十月了,我们没有每天腻在一起,没有每天哈咯拜拜,没有每天在班上大吵大闹,没有每天见面还要讲电话,没有一起为同一个考试努力,没有每天一起抢镜头,还有很多很多,十个月了。我很想你。有太多太多的话想说,却又总是说不出口。你明白的。每次都很想抱着你大哭,可是看见你的时间已经那么少了,开心都来不及,所以才不要把时间浪费给眼泪。你要快乐,你快乐我才会快乐,我会担心你,担心你一个人在那里,我怕你没有朋友,怕你孤独,怕你读书压力太大,怕你受到伤害,反正我就是很担心你。所以,当我听到你跟那个女孩变得很好,我真的很替你开心,因为有人可以陪你一起过同样的生活,就算不是我,我还是很开心。因为她会陪你一起走到终点来跟我碰面 :) 所以,我们要一起加油。
生日快乐啦!我希望你永远开开心心,漂漂亮亮,笑大大声吧大嘴妹妹,你快乐于是我快乐,你才是我笑的理由 :) 我很爱很爱很爱你,所以你不可以舍得我难过哈。下面那首歌,不是生日快乐歌,不过我还是要把它送给你,希望你会喜欢。*感觉起来这篇比高级版逊多了哈哈*
十八岁生日快乐,宝贝吕 :)

Monday, September 26, 2011


感觉满骇人的标题 但楼梯响了 人没有下来
啊 我又词穷了
我是真的有满肚子的话想说 现在没有说也打不出来 哦买尬
我是还有一些小难过啦 其实还满大的
好几个月了吧 时间过得还真是快
总是刻意不去想到底过了多久 却又是那么刻意地想起了
我比以前坚强多了 因为我知道这样下去一定会被人海扁 所以我是坚强的
你知道吗 相对起来
不过如果真的像她说的一样 沉默会是最后的温柔
没有刻意要判断什么的 真的
对不起 不管为了什么都好 对不起
虽然没有人喜欢对不起 还是对不起
然后 谢谢
呼 又在胡言乱语了
想要说的话都忘光光啦 哈哈
不过 癫言癫语一番后感觉舒服多了 :)
最近 发生了一些事吧
总觉得自己太轻易的相信一个人 却又不敢放胆把心交出去 我很矛盾吧
你知道我需要一个这样的人 为我加油吧 :)
祝福你 也祝福我 加油 :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Angel Day ♥

Hello I'm here again :D Gonna blog about the birthday celebration for the babe Angel :)
Her boyf, Mr Tang, cuztomized a hello kitty japanese cheese cake at Dreamz Bakery & wanted to give her a surprise on her big day. After some discussion, we decided to give her the surprise right on the bakery since we have to go there and take the cake. 
Edis, Jin, Su Mei, Yein & I went for the celebration. Seriously this was one of the most excited birthday surprise I've experienced before. LOL.  Because we couldn't find the bakery when we reached there cause the it is located at 3rd floor and they don't have a big shop sign and we were like turning around and around at the same shoplots. We were kinda nervous cause Angel and her boyf were on the way and we must not let her sees us. But but but, we still couldn't find the shop and we gave up & decided  to wait for Mr Tang to lead us. Luckily Angel was sleeping in the car and we were like 'phew~'. Once we reached, we quickly ran up to the bakery and get ourselves prepare for their arrival. While waiting, all of us were like keep omg I damn nervous la bla bla hahahah :P Finally they reached and Angel was surprised and touched and she teared aww :') 
Spent around one and a half hour there. Had fun chit-chatting, camwhoring & DRAWING HAHAHAHAHA! All the photos below credits to the birthday girl :) 

Angel :)
We  You 

The hello kitty japanese cheese cake
She spent quite sometime hesitating whether how to cut the cake because it is too adorable :P

The girls ♥
Yein : Me : Su Mei : Angel

The guys :)
Edis & Jin

Hello Kitty Almond Cookies ♥

There were 7 pieces of cookies in the plate and each of us got one hehe :3

Hello Kitty shot.

You know I You :')

Me with the super cute ugly doll ♥
I requested this from yein as my next year birthday present HAHA :P
but she rejected me :'( hahahahaha.

Left a two pages note on the book, we couldn't stop laughing at the drawing HAHA. 
Spot me, with the big head HAHAH x)

With the babes ♥ 

Group photo. Spot the photo in the phone that I'm holding :P

Took one photo before we left. 
The left one was the shop sign of the bakery, why so small la ? hahaha.

Dreamz :)
I love this place, will definitely come here again. 
Bye, xoxo.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day :)

Happy Malaysia Day people :D I'm here to blog about my awesome friday :P
I went picnic with my family this morning, yesh picnic :D
We actually planned this activity one week ago and aunt booked one small house for us.
Oh, the place we went was Ulu Yam but I forgotten about the resort's name lol. 
Reached there around 10am and we spent few hours enjoying our time there. Happy mode :)
All the photos below credits to the babe ;)

Nice weather :)

The small house, Idk what it call lol.
They were busy setting up the place.
*spot me*

Su Mei, me & Yein.

We had our eating spree before start playing with the water. 

Xin, me & Su Mei.

Before we get wet :P
Spot Crystal below us hahah.

Little Feng enjoying his nugget.

Half wet LOL.
I looks weird here. 

Sudah wet LOLOL. Crystal's pose damn cool hahah!

Group photo, but not everyone in this photo.
I didn't play for a long time and I went to change after this.

With Su Mei. 
Royale Kalana LOLOL.

Resting in the small house and we played with Ipad's game.
You'll never see a group of people screaming in nervous-ness while playing with games like, killing ants. 
Yes, this is us HAHAH. 
We had fun killing the virtual ants while there were so many real ants around us. 

We coincidentally wore the same colour pants :)

Enjoying satay :) 
We brought food we cooked and we had BBQ there too.

Camwhore all day long :P
Sweet potato it is. 

Naughty boy playing with his tortoise they caught in the river. 
You know what he did to the tortoise ?
Look at the photo below.

He POKED into it's head. Omg so cruel :X
But I can't stop laughing when he did that, I'm evil too :P 
Don't worry, the tortoise is still alive, it is in my house aquarium now ;)

Seriously had fun with the family :D Stayed there till around 1.30pm and we left.
We will definitely go there again, loving the environment there :) 
And, not to forget,

We gave her a birthday surprise after we came back from picnic. 
Will blog about it after the birthday girl upload the photos, stay tuned ;)
Bye, xoxo.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bookfest 2011

Aloha :D I went bookfest last friday with friends and watched Final Destination 5 too. 
Isn't scary but disgusting, couldn't stop scolding while watching lolol. And cant stop laughing after finish watching it -.- I'm crazy.
What I really wanted to do was buy books ! LOL. I'm a typical bookworm :)
Have been looking forward to this bookfest for few months I guess ? Yes I'm crazy. 
Bought 8 books, not that many actually, and they are cheap! Discount banyak oh :D
Managed to find the books I want but I forgot about the book Selina's husband aka Ah Tiong's book, urgh :/
But still I'm happy cause it has been a long time since I last buy books :)

Final Destionation 5, with JX

JX <3

Hsin Yi, JX :)

Thats it for this post, nothing much to talk about. 
School reopen tomorrow, no more holidays until year end and that means final exam coming soon. *oh hello* :(
Damn sad la, didn't get enough sleep during this holiday aih :(
Have another post to update but I think I shall sleep earlier today. 
Hmm, okay la, byebye :) 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love ♥

Hello ! Just a short update to share about one movie I watched last night. 
A Little Thing Called Love ♥ 初恋这件小事
It's a Thai movie and I think it has been released since last year dec. I'm outdated i know :P
But I don't care. This is an AWESOME movie, for me lolol. MUST WATCH ! LOL.
And I think I'm in love with the main actor, Mario Maurer *.*

A Little Thing Called Love

The main actress, Pimchanok Leuwisetpai. 
This photo is when she was form1 in the movie. 
And guess what, she changed so much after few years. In the movie lolol.

After. So big different and pretty right ?
Ok dont care, the most important thing comes now 

Mario Maurer *.*
He is so damn handsome and cute right ??!!
He is only 23 this year *o*
I'm in love with him :*

Aww *melts melts melts*
Seriously he is so damn cuteeee!
Right ?! SAY YES :)

Ok I know I'm abit crazy here but he is just too attractive lolol.
Watch this movie, worth it :)
I cried so hard while watching, it isn't that sad but just some moments touched my heart. 
Anyway, it's a happy ending which we hardly see or experience or not even happen in reality.
Am I being too negative ? Sorry :p 
Alright, time to go. Byebye :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

30-hour Famine

Hello people ! I know I've been ditching my blog for more than one month, it is so dead right now :/
Here I am to update some posts that should be update loooooongg time ago :P
Yeah, 30-hour Famine. Finally I got to join this year :D
JieXi, Mayyee and I joined together. 
All the campers around the country will spend their first 26 hours at their own campsite and go to Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil to have the countdown party together. 
Our campsite was at Mutiara Complex.

Meeee :)
Hunger For Health 

JieXi the crow :P

Mayyee the aircond :D

Spent the first 26 hours playing games, chit chatting, had some meaningful station games too.
Oh, and sleep :p hahaha.
Woke up quite early the next morning and went to stadium. 
There were 9000 plus campers gathered at the stadium this year :O 

Jeff :)

 JX :)

Again :P

The last 4 hours countdown party was totally awesome! *thumbs up*
Shouted like crazy and forgot about the hungriness hahah. 
Didnt take any photo during the concert cause everyone was concentrating on the perfomance and getting high. 
Everyone was given a bottle of V-soy and one Twiggies to eat after the countdown session.
You will never know soyabean and bread can be so delicious HAHA.
30 hours without food, can't believe I could stand the hungriness :P 
Fyi, I can't stand hungriness, I need foooodd all the time. My classmates can prove that hahah.

This was the first time I join this event, I really enjoyed it :)
Hopefully I can make it the second time next year or become the camp leader hehe :)
Alright, thats all for this post. Hope I can come out with more posts soon. Bye