Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love ♥

Hello ! Just a short update to share about one movie I watched last night. 
A Little Thing Called Love ♥ 初恋这件小事
It's a Thai movie and I think it has been released since last year dec. I'm outdated i know :P
But I don't care. This is an AWESOME movie, for me lolol. MUST WATCH ! LOL.
And I think I'm in love with the main actor, Mario Maurer *.*

A Little Thing Called Love

The main actress, Pimchanok Leuwisetpai. 
This photo is when she was form1 in the movie. 
And guess what, she changed so much after few years. In the movie lolol.

After. So big different and pretty right ?
Ok dont care, the most important thing comes now 

Mario Maurer *.*
He is so damn handsome and cute right ??!!
He is only 23 this year *o*
I'm in love with him :*

Aww *melts melts melts*
Seriously he is so damn cuteeee!
Right ?! SAY YES :)

Ok I know I'm abit crazy here but he is just too attractive lolol.
Watch this movie, worth it :)
I cried so hard while watching, it isn't that sad but just some moments touched my heart. 
Anyway, it's a happy ending which we hardly see or experience or not even happen in reality.
Am I being too negative ? Sorry :p 
Alright, time to go. Byebye :)


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