Friday, August 19, 2011

30-hour Famine

Hello people ! I know I've been ditching my blog for more than one month, it is so dead right now :/
Here I am to update some posts that should be update loooooongg time ago :P
Yeah, 30-hour Famine. Finally I got to join this year :D
JieXi, Mayyee and I joined together. 
All the campers around the country will spend their first 26 hours at their own campsite and go to Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil to have the countdown party together. 
Our campsite was at Mutiara Complex.

Meeee :)
Hunger For Health 

JieXi the crow :P

Mayyee the aircond :D

Spent the first 26 hours playing games, chit chatting, had some meaningful station games too.
Oh, and sleep :p hahaha.
Woke up quite early the next morning and went to stadium. 
There were 9000 plus campers gathered at the stadium this year :O 

Jeff :)

 JX :)

Again :P

The last 4 hours countdown party was totally awesome! *thumbs up*
Shouted like crazy and forgot about the hungriness hahah. 
Didnt take any photo during the concert cause everyone was concentrating on the perfomance and getting high. 
Everyone was given a bottle of V-soy and one Twiggies to eat after the countdown session.
You will never know soyabean and bread can be so delicious HAHA.
30 hours without food, can't believe I could stand the hungriness :P 
Fyi, I can't stand hungriness, I need foooodd all the time. My classmates can prove that hahah.

This was the first time I join this event, I really enjoyed it :)
Hopefully I can make it the second time next year or become the camp leader hehe :)
Alright, thats all for this post. Hope I can come out with more posts soon. Bye 



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