Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spm Results

Hello :) I guess I'm not too late to blog about this right ? Lol whatever. Just another super short update hahah.
I got 9As 1B, B+ for biology hahaha. Satisfied ? Ok la, not that happy but I accept my results lolol. It was in my expectation cause I knew I didn't do well during bio paper. But still I was hoping for an A- too bad I wasn't that lucky. I actually think I deserved an A- HAHAHAH nahh just kidding :p 
Congrates to all those who got excellent results :D *big claps*

Saturday, March 19, 2011



最近没什么更新实在是因为我不知道要写些什么也不知道其实到底有多少人在看我的部落格哈哈 只是现在突然心血来潮想写写东西 :p 我还在工作其实也不算是什么工作啦就教小学生做功课和补习其实也没什么啦 这伤身的工作看似容易其实还真的不容易,容易被气死啊现在的小孩你真是拿他没办法,说不做就不做考试考烂了也没什么反正我天天有psp ipad 玩就够了 我的天,真是受不了了 成绩快出了就在下个星期三呵呵 是有在怕的啦 阿弥陀佛 保佑我不至于考得太烂就好 成绩出了后还是会继续工作 开学的日子离现在还远啊 实在是有点对现在的生活感到厌倦了可是天天难过天天还是得过啊 有够闷的 唯一值得开心的事应该是拿成绩的时候可以看见久违的朋友吧 好想念 开始工作发现自己有点点长大了哈 也不算什么长大吧就只是在买东西时会稍微犹豫了两三下 想想我要工作多久才能够赚回这钱 好像欧巴桑哦哈哈 其实也没什么大不了啦 我最近的生活就大致上是起床用餐教补习上网睡觉 偶尔出去逛一逛 就这样 是有点无聊但至少还有点收入 可以买点自己喜欢的东西 还不错啦 只是我其实很想日子快点过完 我想读书了啊 快闷死了 好吧 就这样 有点烂的结尾哈哈

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scented Crafts

Hey ! Always looking for something good to your skin, something suit your skin the most and gives you the best feeling ? Out of idea which products to use ? No worries, now, Scented Crafts can solve your problems :D They are selling variety of handmade organic soaps with different functions , yeah, 100% handmade & organic. Here are some of the products :

Black Charcoal

Charcoal - cleanses, clarifies & carefully crafted with the marble vein pattern on top. Guys, this works for your skin too!!

Bothered by acne? or oily skin?
The charcoal powder induced in the soap, gently draws out toxic impurities from the clogged pores of your body, and face. Reduces the pimples / oil on your skin, the organic essential oil also moisturize, renew and balance your skin.

Price : RM 30 + RM 2 (Advanco Pouch)

Blush Vibrant 
Rose Buds are essential to enhance blood circulation for your skin. Intense ingredient such as the Shea Butter is essential for moisturizing matured skin type. Rice Bran Oil are also added into the Blush Vibrant for Whitening & Anti Aging Purpose. 

Fully induced with Vitamin C & protein, it brightens up dry, mature & dull skin while you are enjoying your beauty sleep. A perfect gift for your loved ones!

Price : RM 35 + RM 2 (Advanco Pouch)

Exotic Rose

Contains Rose Buds & Essential Oil. Opt for a sexy scent? Here comes the perfect handmade goodness.

Full of Vitamin C and Carotene, it rehydrates dry skin, repairs damaged skin cells. While it calms your nerves after 8 hours of work (or more =P), leaves your skin complexion a healthy pink tone as rose hip enhances blood circulation beneath your skin.

price : RM 30 + RM2 (advanco pouch)

Honey Milk Bunny

Milk and honey combination acts not only on the skin but also on the entire body by making it agile and youthful. 

Honey is a bactericide. It kills bacteria, especially when added & diluted with water. Even when you have minor injuries & wounds, the Honey Milk Bunny is essential for your soft skin. The delectable smell of milk and honey, reminds you of a hug – warm and calming hug before you go to bed.

Price : RM 25 + RM 2 (Advanco Pouch)

My Secret Garden
Contains a tonne of whitening effect ingredients. And the best thing is - they are ALL organic & chinese herbs induced. Looking for whitening solution?

Added with frankincense oil, it is suitable for all skin types. Excellent for whitening effect, reduce skin imperfection, removes & reduces blackhead while stimulating skin renewal cycle for fairer & clearer complexion.

Price : RM 35 + RM 2 (Advanco Pouch)

Rose Geranium Salt

Rose Geranium Salt is detoxifying, therapeutic, helps to relax, balance moisture, and add natural glow to skin.

Totally made from pure dead sea salt, mixed with rose geranium essence oil, which is perfect for regenerate your skin. 

Price: RM 52

Interested ? Found out which is your cup of tea ? Wanna know more about the soap ? 
CLICK HERE to view their facebook page and find out more soaps :)
Any question ? Ask them ! They will provide you the best information :)
Or email them at

Friday, March 4, 2011


说goodbye my love
那就够了 :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


希望你我都幸福 :)

Hello :) Just a short update here cause I really can't think of what to write about lol. 
I'm currently teaching primary kids in their homework everyday in the afternoon and few tuition classes at night. Working as a part time waitress in a restaurant during weekends night. Sounds I'm like so busy huh ? working everyday lol. But still, I'm bored during the free time, cause I only work for few hours in a day. Soooo boring la! sigh. Anyway, I just hope that I can buy what I want after getting my salary :)
Btw, SPM result is coming out soon, feel nervous *prays hard* Hope I won't cry on that day lol. 
Ok la, I have nothing much to say, till here for this post. 
And one more important thing, today is our queen elizebeth Toh May Ching's birthday :DD
HAPPY BIRTHDAY May Ching ! Love you always ! My BFFF :p