Friday, July 12, 2013


Hello people. 4 months since I last blogged. Let me summarize what I did in the past few months. Basically I'm just working and working. And some outings with loves :)

Went to MCKL's IR Night with my babies. 

My loves.

She never fail to make me laugh whenever we meet or even chat online or thru phone.

Sinyin's birthday celebration at Delicious, One Utama. When gwyomi was still trending LOL,

I went on a trip to Taiwan for 10 days with my beloved cousie. That was the second time I went to Taiwan and it was a free and easy trip. Enjoyed much but it was tiring as well. Quite a good experience for both of us I guess and I'm looking forward to more trips like this ! 

I'm lazy to post the photos out so these few will do hahah. There are some photos about food that I wanted to share out but I'm lazy at the moment so yeahh. Will try to blog about it :D

Minli's birthday celebration at The Red Bean Bag, Publika.

Met up with my Baby Ler after 3 months. 

I finally had my hair cut. Cut my hair into medium hair length cause I'm too tired of my long hair. And I've finally decided to keep my fringe long, let it growwww.

Joyi & Munkuen 's birthday celebration at Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf, Bangsar Village. 

My chickies family <3 font="">

We were doing a 30 continuous shots, fun moments tho :')
*photos credits to Janice.

Hmm, I'll start my uni on September. I got offer from the uni I want and I seriously feel very happy for that. At the same time I do really thank God for giving me such a great chance , I feel so lucky to get this offer! *tears of joy* Can't wait for uni life after working for 7 months, 2 more months to go. Will stop working on the mid of August to give myself a half month break before the tough life starts again. Planning to go for another short trip before uni, hopefully I can make it :) Guess that's all for this post, will try to blog more. Till then, byee.