Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sista day out

Hello :D I went KL to shopping with the 2nd babe today :)
I was planned to have lunch with Mr Sheng there and I asked her along for the shopping session.
We reached there around 1pm and asked Mr Sheng out for lunch from his work.
We went Subway to have our lunch and headed to Mcd afterwards because Subway couldn't fulfill Mr Sheng's stomach's desperation LOL. 
Say bye to him after Mcd and started our shopping session :)
posing with the 'keep smiling' card given by mcd, it's free :)
and this photo is so funny hahaha.

After we shop around Sg.Wang, we headed to Pavilion.
On the way, we went in to Uniqlo to look around. I saw a super cute boots and it's cheap :D but I didnt buy it because I hardly have a chance to wear that :( 
We went Snowflake and we ordered their bestseller , hot one. Didn't take any photo of it because hot one doesn't have nice look like cold one LOL.


me posing with the card again haha.

We went home around 5.30pm cause we were tired and we were broke. no I didn't hahaha.
Quite happy today cause I bought few clothes :)
5 days count down to CNY :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello ! Long time no see, because I didn't update at all :(
I joined 微博 since long time ago but I didnt take care of it haha.
And now, my beloved huiyee ker and qinyi ler joined too, so I started to use it again, since yesterday night LOL.
Haha, follow me on my 微博,click here :) 
Or just click on the column on your right which showing my weibo status , thank you :D
Hmm, I'm so boring nowadays, cause I stop working at the bookshop dy. Due to some reasons.
Now I'm only teaching tuition twice a week, can you imagine how lifeless am i ? :(
Finding new jobs, siapa ada lubang ?
Btw, CNY is coming hohoho, I can't wait for my taiwan trip :p
Ok la, just a short update here. Will try to update more if I have anything to blog about , byebye :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello :D I had another birthday celebration with the gang at Wong Kok in One U :)
Actually thats not counted as a celebration I think, just another gathering with the kawans :D 
We can get one free giant milk tea if we spent more than dont know how much within the 3 days before your birthday or 3 days after that :) 
We got 2 free milk tea that night, because of my birthday and Mr Sheng's birthday :D
We had our dinner there and chit-chatted for almost 2 hours, had fun laughing around like nobody's world hoho. 
Here are some of the photos, all grabbed from Janice's fb :) 
Didn't post any photo of the milk tea here because I looked so disgrace hahaha.

qinyi aka siaos, huiyee aka super babe and me aka chicky :)

Hui Yee babe

 I brought my cup cakes to share but we ended up taking photo with it :p
qinyi ,  huiyee , me , munkuen & joyi

the colas :)

before we leave, took some photos too :)
I love this pic so much (:

The girls, jackie MIA :p
behind : eeling, huiyee, me, qinyi, janice
front : munkuen , joyi

3 of us , we are so cute ROFL 

another photo :)

 Janice wanted to take photo with us, so yeah. hahaha.

Went home around 10.15, thanks Mr Sheng for fetching me home :)
Had a wonderful night chatting with the loves one :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our 18th ♥

Finally, I get to update my blog :D
18th of jan was my birthday and 19th was his :)
We planned to celebrate on 18th but too bad I couldn't take leave from work, so we celebrated it on 19th.
We went The Street Cafe located at Subang Jaya, a restaurant which serves korean street food. 
For me their food are just normal , but nice environment they have :D

noob Mr Sheng chose this to play -.- hahaha.

Mr Rabbit Sheng :p

Act cute :p

erm hahaha :p

After our dinner and camwhore around, he said he gonna bring my presents up.
And the moment I opened the box, I was so surprised :D

Cute cup cakes :D
some of them was spoiled because some idiots made it like this.

me with my cup cakes 

another present, baby monkey casanova :D
with his super cool spec ? :p

my turn LOL

this is what I gave him, small enough I know. haha.

I bought him wallet since his was spoiled :)

We left the restaurant around 9 and headed to dpc.
Spent for half an hour there and we went home :)
Simple yet happy & sweet night (:

The box where the cupcakes put in.

baby casanova in it (:

baby casanova : )

he bought me a necklace with my name and his name engraved on it, aww.
my name.

his name.

and a bracelet, he said he was random so he bought this LOL. apala.

another present from my er bao bei aka Rojak Yein.
Mr Sheng went to her house to take it. thanks :)
but there is nothing to do with the nichii plastic bag
she asked me not to show the present to the world, so yeah :)

And thanks Janice for that piece of cake too :D
Thanks Huiyee who called from Taiwan, Mei mei who called from ns, Siaos who called till her credit become 0.02 hahha.
Thanks everyone who wished me :)
I'm 18 now ! I feel so old :S
Thanks Mr Sheng for the presents, I love them very much. 
And I love you, xoxo. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To the one and only ♥

It's somebody birthday hoho :D
Happy birthday to the one and only Mr Sheng 

17th Dec 2010, Jonker Street, Malacca.

 5th Sept 2010, Pavilion

12th Sept 2010, DPC

Happy birthday once again my dear (:
Have a blast ! Enjoy your big day with me :p
I love you, xoxo

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello :) I went to watch Great Day with my family today :)
MBO ticket is more expansive compare to TGV or GSC, no good no good. hahaa.
Quite nice movie, not as funny as Da Ri Zi but touch :'(
Some scenes really touch and made me tear but I dare not cry in front of my family, feel so awkward hahaha.
And some of their dialogues are meaningful too :)
Don't know how to rate for movie, but it is nice for me, worth to watch :)
Support a bit ma :pp
The movie's theme song is really nice *thumbs up* , share it here :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011




我想你们了 :(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello :) I guess I'm way too bored and lame until I thought of this to blog hahaa.
If you do read my blog, you know I'm working in a school bookshop right ? 
Now the bookshop is full of key chains, memo books, sand arts etc those things which small kids love a lot. 
Look at the pictures and you'll know.

this part is stationery part lol.

different kind of mechanical pencils and erasers 

the key chains, purses, stickers etc

Kids nowadays don't know how to save money I think lol.
Everyday I see the same kids come to bookshop to buy some unnecessary things.
They'll ask you the price of this price of that, and end up saying 'I have 50 cents / rm1 etc, what can I buy ?' omg, what can I buy ?? They have the urge to use up all the money they have I think ? 
Some of them buying the same things everyday although they dont need it at all. 
I see some of the rich kids will even pay for their friends, wow.
I will not learn from the kids, I will save money LOL.

I'm working alone now :(
Jocelyn went back to office for work.
I have nothing to do only when it is recess or school ends.
Boring until I die. Thats why I took all the photos and blog bout it.
Soooooo boring !

Btw, remember that super white coffee gives out JJ Lin limited edition note book I think one month ago ?
I got it too :) My mum's friend gave me, I got 3. I took one and the two for my brothers.
Although I'm not JJ's fan I support Leehom ! , I like the book too :D
It has nice cover :)

the cover :)

inner page, they have different JJ's photo inside.

another design :)

Told you I'm just too bored and lame, forgive me LOL.
ok la, thats it for this post, byebye :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

C3 day out ♥

Hello :) Finally I have something to talk about lol.
Went KL with the 2 of the C4 members , Qinyi & Huiyee. Too bad Jiexi had to go for undang class :( 
We went there by ktm, because I'm not a pro driver yet and Huiyee doesn't believe that I will drive her out LOL. 
Reached around 11.30am, went to see MrSheng for a while, say hi lol. I wanted to hug him la :(
Then we simply look around at for an hour, and we decided to have lunch. 
Went Bar B Q Plaza which located in Timesquare to have our lunch, MrSheng joined us too. He sacrificed his half an hour break for dinner and spent an hour lunch time with us, aww :')

 Bar B Q Plaza 
picture grabbed from google

Supreme Mixed Set of mine and ws
didn't take photo of their set. 

Huiyee & Qinyi, the colas ♥
We didn't take a group photo today :(

Wei Sheng left earlier because he had only one hour break. We went shopping after lunch at Timesquare :)
Went back to after that, bought everything I want :)
Headed to Pavilion to have Chatime. Actually we planned to have Chatime and Snowflakes there but we had not much time to spend, after struggling there for like 5 mintues LOL, we decided to have Chatime :)
Chit-chatted for 45 minutes I think, then we went home around 5.30pm.

picture grabbed from google

ChaTime Roasted Milk Tea of mine :)
Huiyee ordered Caramel Milk Tea and Qinyi had Pearl Milk Tea.
But these three taste almost the same, we couldn't differentiate them lol.

I spent quite a lot today, but I'm satisfied with all the things I bought :)
Happy happy :D 

Oh ya, I realized ktm stations improved a lot. The trains were punctual and no delay at all , wow. And there were guards or polices or whatever they called were patrolling around and asked all the guys who entered ladies' coach to move to another coach. If it is too late and the train gonna move soon, the police will enter the ladies' coach until the next stop and ask them to move. Their services are GOOD :) *thumbs up*

Thursday, January 6, 2011

hello :)

Harlo :D Lack of update nowadays, I seriously don't know what to blog about :(
Nothing special happen these few days, like normal, boring siaaall.
Oh ya, I went to teach tuition :O
Thanks Eeling for asking me to join her :)
The first class was tuesday, I was teaching standard 2 & 3 BM & BI.
Overall was quite ok, but but but..
the students are really naughty !
I couldn't imagine a standard 2 boy knows most of the bad words and he could express it very well wtf.
Tell me what will you think about when you read 'fatimah' ?
The boy, when he read 'fatimah', he laughed and said 'fucktimah'. omg. kids nowadays -.-
I think nothing much about the tuition, I'm still waiting for the person call for the next class :)
So, short update for this, byebye :)

*somebody's birthday is coming soon :p and I can see 18 is saying hi to me :S
i miss you, xoxo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Gathering & RhuChyi Leong

As what my title said, I had a primary school friends gathering last night at metro prima one steamboat restaurant. But don’t ask me whats the RhuChyi Leong for hahaa, the crazy girl ask me to put it as my title or else she will delete me from her facebook friend list, crazy. BUT, I put it, hahaa, I scare she delete me la! Ok back to topic, I think one week before the gathering, my beloved pui! Loongz Lim called me and asked to organize a gathering, I scolded him I guess and asked him to settle it. So, he created an event and changed the venue at the very last minute. And I helped him to spread about the news. After asking around I decided to attend the gathering, there were only 23 ppl attended the gathering. Not bad la, at least I saw my long lost sisters :D Nothing much to blog about the gathering, I was happy that night, not only because of the gathering, but also… tell you later :p

Didn’t take much photo last night and some photos are with the others, I just got these few from RhuChyi J

beloved qing yan :)

we were primary schoolmates k hahaa :p

qinyi rhuchyi & I

puikialalala and me :)

jeffrey & qing yan
this photo is so cute ! haha

jeffrey & I :)

Remember that I said something made me happy other than the gathering, taadaa! That’s the thing, from my beloved boyf J I heart you xoxo.