Thursday, January 6, 2011

hello :)

Harlo :D Lack of update nowadays, I seriously don't know what to blog about :(
Nothing special happen these few days, like normal, boring siaaall.
Oh ya, I went to teach tuition :O
Thanks Eeling for asking me to join her :)
The first class was tuesday, I was teaching standard 2 & 3 BM & BI.
Overall was quite ok, but but but..
the students are really naughty !
I couldn't imagine a standard 2 boy knows most of the bad words and he could express it very well wtf.
Tell me what will you think about when you read 'fatimah' ?
The boy, when he read 'fatimah', he laughed and said 'fucktimah'. omg. kids nowadays -.-
I think nothing much about the tuition, I'm still waiting for the person call for the next class :)
So, short update for this, byebye :)

*somebody's birthday is coming soon :p and I can see 18 is saying hi to me :S
i miss you, xoxo.


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