Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello ! Long time no see, because I didn't update at all :(
I joined 微博 since long time ago but I didnt take care of it haha.
And now, my beloved huiyee ker and qinyi ler joined too, so I started to use it again, since yesterday night LOL.
Haha, follow me on my 微博,click here :) 
Or just click on the column on your right which showing my weibo status , thank you :D
Hmm, I'm so boring nowadays, cause I stop working at the bookshop dy. Due to some reasons.
Now I'm only teaching tuition twice a week, can you imagine how lifeless am i ? :(
Finding new jobs, siapa ada lubang ?
Btw, CNY is coming hohoho, I can't wait for my taiwan trip :p
Ok la, just a short update here. Will try to update more if I have anything to blog about , byebye :)


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