Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our 18th ♥

Finally, I get to update my blog :D
18th of jan was my birthday and 19th was his :)
We planned to celebrate on 18th but too bad I couldn't take leave from work, so we celebrated it on 19th.
We went The Street Cafe located at Subang Jaya, a restaurant which serves korean street food. 
For me their food are just normal , but nice environment they have :D

noob Mr Sheng chose this to play -.- hahaha.

Mr Rabbit Sheng :p

Act cute :p

erm hahaha :p

After our dinner and camwhore around, he said he gonna bring my presents up.
And the moment I opened the box, I was so surprised :D

Cute cup cakes :D
some of them was spoiled because some idiots made it like this.

me with my cup cakes 

another present, baby monkey casanova :D
with his super cool spec ? :p

my turn LOL

this is what I gave him, small enough I know. haha.

I bought him wallet since his was spoiled :)

We left the restaurant around 9 and headed to dpc.
Spent for half an hour there and we went home :)
Simple yet happy & sweet night (:

The box where the cupcakes put in.

baby casanova in it (:

baby casanova : )

he bought me a necklace with my name and his name engraved on it, aww.
my name.

his name.

and a bracelet, he said he was random so he bought this LOL. apala.

another present from my er bao bei aka Rojak Yein.
Mr Sheng went to her house to take it. thanks :)
but there is nothing to do with the nichii plastic bag
she asked me not to show the present to the world, so yeah :)

And thanks Janice for that piece of cake too :D
Thanks Huiyee who called from Taiwan, Mei mei who called from ns, Siaos who called till her credit become 0.02 hahha.
Thanks everyone who wished me :)
I'm 18 now ! I feel so old :S
Thanks Mr Sheng for the presents, I love them very much. 
And I love you, xoxo. 

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