Monday, January 3, 2011

Gathering & RhuChyi Leong

As what my title said, I had a primary school friends gathering last night at metro prima one steamboat restaurant. But don’t ask me whats the RhuChyi Leong for hahaa, the crazy girl ask me to put it as my title or else she will delete me from her facebook friend list, crazy. BUT, I put it, hahaa, I scare she delete me la! Ok back to topic, I think one week before the gathering, my beloved pui! Loongz Lim called me and asked to organize a gathering, I scolded him I guess and asked him to settle it. So, he created an event and changed the venue at the very last minute. And I helped him to spread about the news. After asking around I decided to attend the gathering, there were only 23 ppl attended the gathering. Not bad la, at least I saw my long lost sisters :D Nothing much to blog about the gathering, I was happy that night, not only because of the gathering, but also… tell you later :p

Didn’t take much photo last night and some photos are with the others, I just got these few from RhuChyi J

beloved qing yan :)

we were primary schoolmates k hahaa :p

qinyi rhuchyi & I

puikialalala and me :)

jeffrey & qing yan
this photo is so cute ! haha

jeffrey & I :)

Remember that I said something made me happy other than the gathering, taadaa! That’s the thing, from my beloved boyf J I heart you xoxo.


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