Sunday, January 9, 2011

C3 day out ♥

Hello :) Finally I have something to talk about lol.
Went KL with the 2 of the C4 members , Qinyi & Huiyee. Too bad Jiexi had to go for undang class :( 
We went there by ktm, because I'm not a pro driver yet and Huiyee doesn't believe that I will drive her out LOL. 
Reached around 11.30am, went to see MrSheng for a while, say hi lol. I wanted to hug him la :(
Then we simply look around at for an hour, and we decided to have lunch. 
Went Bar B Q Plaza which located in Timesquare to have our lunch, MrSheng joined us too. He sacrificed his half an hour break for dinner and spent an hour lunch time with us, aww :')

 Bar B Q Plaza 
picture grabbed from google

Supreme Mixed Set of mine and ws
didn't take photo of their set. 

Huiyee & Qinyi, the colas ♥
We didn't take a group photo today :(

Wei Sheng left earlier because he had only one hour break. We went shopping after lunch at Timesquare :)
Went back to after that, bought everything I want :)
Headed to Pavilion to have Chatime. Actually we planned to have Chatime and Snowflakes there but we had not much time to spend, after struggling there for like 5 mintues LOL, we decided to have Chatime :)
Chit-chatted for 45 minutes I think, then we went home around 5.30pm.

picture grabbed from google

ChaTime Roasted Milk Tea of mine :)
Huiyee ordered Caramel Milk Tea and Qinyi had Pearl Milk Tea.
But these three taste almost the same, we couldn't differentiate them lol.

I spent quite a lot today, but I'm satisfied with all the things I bought :)
Happy happy :D 

Oh ya, I realized ktm stations improved a lot. The trains were punctual and no delay at all , wow. And there were guards or polices or whatever they called were patrolling around and asked all the guys who entered ladies' coach to move to another coach. If it is too late and the train gonna move soon, the police will enter the ladies' coach until the next stop and ask them to move. Their services are GOOD :) *thumbs up*


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