Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello :D I had another birthday celebration with the gang at Wong Kok in One U :)
Actually thats not counted as a celebration I think, just another gathering with the kawans :D 
We can get one free giant milk tea if we spent more than dont know how much within the 3 days before your birthday or 3 days after that :) 
We got 2 free milk tea that night, because of my birthday and Mr Sheng's birthday :D
We had our dinner there and chit-chatted for almost 2 hours, had fun laughing around like nobody's world hoho. 
Here are some of the photos, all grabbed from Janice's fb :) 
Didn't post any photo of the milk tea here because I looked so disgrace hahaha.

qinyi aka siaos, huiyee aka super babe and me aka chicky :)

Hui Yee babe

 I brought my cup cakes to share but we ended up taking photo with it :p
qinyi ,  huiyee , me , munkuen & joyi

the colas :)

before we leave, took some photos too :)
I love this pic so much (:

The girls, jackie MIA :p
behind : eeling, huiyee, me, qinyi, janice
front : munkuen , joyi

3 of us , we are so cute ROFL 

another photo :)

 Janice wanted to take photo with us, so yeah. hahaha.

Went home around 10.15, thanks Mr Sheng for fetching me home :)
Had a wonderful night chatting with the loves one :D


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