Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm back :)

Hello ! I'm backkkkkkk. Have been ditching my blog for almost a year as you can see the last time I blogged was 1st of January lol. Disappeared for such a long time due to my hectic form 6 life plus I'm really lazy to update my blog. And finally, I'm done with my STPM :DD Happiness overload. And I've decided to start blogging again and try to make my blog a little bit more interesting *i hope so* Hmm, this is the second time I'm graduating from a high school LOL and the feelings are indescribable. I learnt a lot throughout the one and a half years, I laughed I cried I had fun. I'm really grateful that I met a bunch of good friends in my stpm life. Not to forget my awesome classmates, 6A1 we rocks ! Thank you for everything, my beloved classsmates :')
Sharing few of our class photos here. Last class photos before we say bye to each other. 

I love this photo very much.

Yay :D 

And lastly, me in school uniform for the last time after 7 years :)
Will definitely miss all these moments in school.  

Currently having my superb long holidays, 9 monthsssss. Can you imagine ? I just couldn't wait to get into uni. Results will be out around march, pray hard that I don't get sucky results, I did work hard. *finger crossed* Anyway, gonna look for job to fill up my holidays and earn some pocket money *ka ching ka ching* 

A short update, till then. Byesss :)