Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello :) I guess I'm way too bored and lame until I thought of this to blog hahaa.
If you do read my blog, you know I'm working in a school bookshop right ? 
Now the bookshop is full of key chains, memo books, sand arts etc those things which small kids love a lot. 
Look at the pictures and you'll know.

this part is stationery part lol.

different kind of mechanical pencils and erasers 

the key chains, purses, stickers etc

Kids nowadays don't know how to save money I think lol.
Everyday I see the same kids come to bookshop to buy some unnecessary things.
They'll ask you the price of this price of that, and end up saying 'I have 50 cents / rm1 etc, what can I buy ?' omg, what can I buy ?? They have the urge to use up all the money they have I think ? 
Some of them buying the same things everyday although they dont need it at all. 
I see some of the rich kids will even pay for their friends, wow.
I will not learn from the kids, I will save money LOL.

I'm working alone now :(
Jocelyn went back to office for work.
I have nothing to do only when it is recess or school ends.
Boring until I die. Thats why I took all the photos and blog bout it.
Soooooo boring !

Btw, remember that super white coffee gives out JJ Lin limited edition note book I think one month ago ?
I got it too :) My mum's friend gave me, I got 3. I took one and the two for my brothers.
Although I'm not JJ's fan I support Leehom ! , I like the book too :D
It has nice cover :)

the cover :)

inner page, they have different JJ's photo inside.

another design :)

Told you I'm just too bored and lame, forgive me LOL.
ok la, thats it for this post, byebye :)

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