Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outing with the babe ♥

This was the monday after my school's carnival. It was a school holiday muahahah :P
The day before I feel like going somewhere else instead of staying at home so I posted on my babe's wall and told her I got no school the next day x) 
She knows me well and she asked me to bring her out , good HAHA :P
After asking parents' permission, the outing plan ON :D
We went Ikea to have meatballs & went to karaoke after that :)

Ikea's meatballs FTW :D

Realized we were wearing the same shirt ?
We coincidentally wear the same shirt we bought it together 

We actually planned to walk around after meatball but the night before this girl texted me and said 'eh lets go sing k lor hahaha'
So we went to Redbox ;) I still prefer Neway anyway :)

Pro Pro :D

Camwhore in front of the screen before we left hahah.

We wear almost the same outfit that day :)

Before we left, Mcd's ice cream 
Tried something new for both of us that day, flavour twirl, niceee. 

Promoting hahaha.

I looks weird here :S

I bet you'd never see such pretty girls promoting Mcd ice cream HAHAHA.
sorry if im being too perasan :P

Till here then, byebye :D


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