Monday, July 4, 2011

Carnival :D

Hello people :D Long time no see :DD I'm here again. 
Fyi, last saturday was my school's carnival and it was fun :D *ribena 7up :P*
Involved in some decorations for stall and duty during the carnival, shouting like crazy ppl, hahah, but I likey ;p
Met some old buddies too :D Nothing much to talk about it, let the photos do the talking. 

Early in the morning, my sleepy face. 

Mayyee, Jialing, Huiling, Puan & me :))


The sisters shown up in the afternoon, camwhore & chit-chatted at canteen. 
I miss them so much 
Mayyee, Yanrou, Pearllish, Qinyi, Jiexi


JieXi ♥ 
I see her everyday la :P

Qinyi the siaos 
Shouted like crazy ppl and ran towards her when I saw her.

HAHA, funny but I this :)

Some of the guys went there too but too bad didnt take any photo with them.
Had a last minute plan before we went back from carnival, decided to go Stolen Recipe to chill.
I went home and bathed and Jx came to fetch me heheh :P Im so lazy to drive.

Teckhan, me, Desmondm Qinyi, Pearly, Jiexi, Mayyee
Cheowell was the photographer, lousy :P

Thats all for last saturday. Just another short update, more posts coming soon ! *I hope*
Byebye ! 



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