Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello :D My blog is so dead right now, here is a short update :)
If you'd follow my blog, I'm sure you know that I started my form 6 life.
Didn't really enjoy much during the first month cause I was in a idk-why-stress condition LOL. Guess I'm crazy. But now, I started to love my form 6 life cause cause cause... I have a bunch of awesome classmates :D 
*photos credit to Kyvern :)

My nerdy look during school. 
Hope it doesn't scare you off :P 

The awesome people :D

Lisa, the crazy monitor.
Me :)
And JieXi the rocker :P

In the lab, JX acted cute pulak :P

MUET presentation. 
From the left : Su Yinn, Jie Yan, Me & JX :)

Lisasasasasasas :P

We the whole class went for a movie ermmm, loooong time ago hahaha :P
Actually there were few outings but I missed out so no photo :( 

Look at the movie tickets heheh.

Lunch at A&W, we conquer the place hahah.

We actually took alot of photos but I'm so lazy to upload here :P
Doing quite well with the classmates as I'm always the noisy and siao one hahaha :D
Form 6 is tough but I will work hard and go for my goal ;) 
I guess thats it for this post, short I know :P
Bye ! 


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  2. Love this post of yours! Form 6 life sure is fun ;) enjoy it!

  3. babe, kenape u xde school badge wan!? :DD

  4. hahah cause that time i was in that school for temporary only :D