Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bookfest 2011

Aloha :D I went bookfest last friday with friends and watched Final Destination 5 too. 
Isn't scary but disgusting, couldn't stop scolding while watching lolol. And cant stop laughing after finish watching it -.- I'm crazy.
What I really wanted to do was buy books ! LOL. I'm a typical bookworm :)
Have been looking forward to this bookfest for few months I guess ? Yes I'm crazy. 
Bought 8 books, not that many actually, and they are cheap! Discount banyak oh :D
Managed to find the books I want but I forgot about the book Selina's husband aka Ah Tiong's book, urgh :/
But still I'm happy cause it has been a long time since I last buy books :)

Final Destionation 5, with JX

JX <3

Hsin Yi, JX :)

Thats it for this post, nothing much to talk about. 
School reopen tomorrow, no more holidays until year end and that means final exam coming soon. *oh hello* :(
Damn sad la, didn't get enough sleep during this holiday aih :(
Have another post to update but I think I shall sleep earlier today. 
Hmm, okay la, byebye :) 


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