Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Angel Day ♥

Hello I'm here again :D Gonna blog about the birthday celebration for the babe Angel :)
Her boyf, Mr Tang, cuztomized a hello kitty japanese cheese cake at Dreamz Bakery & wanted to give her a surprise on her big day. After some discussion, we decided to give her the surprise right on the bakery since we have to go there and take the cake. 
Edis, Jin, Su Mei, Yein & I went for the celebration. Seriously this was one of the most excited birthday surprise I've experienced before. LOL.  Because we couldn't find the bakery when we reached there cause the it is located at 3rd floor and they don't have a big shop sign and we were like turning around and around at the same shoplots. We were kinda nervous cause Angel and her boyf were on the way and we must not let her sees us. But but but, we still couldn't find the shop and we gave up & decided  to wait for Mr Tang to lead us. Luckily Angel was sleeping in the car and we were like 'phew~'. Once we reached, we quickly ran up to the bakery and get ourselves prepare for their arrival. While waiting, all of us were like keep omg I damn nervous la bla bla hahahah :P Finally they reached and Angel was surprised and touched and she teared aww :') 
Spent around one and a half hour there. Had fun chit-chatting, camwhoring & DRAWING HAHAHAHAHA! All the photos below credits to the birthday girl :) 

Angel :)
We  You 

The hello kitty japanese cheese cake
She spent quite sometime hesitating whether how to cut the cake because it is too adorable :P

The girls ♥
Yein : Me : Su Mei : Angel

The guys :)
Edis & Jin

Hello Kitty Almond Cookies ♥

There were 7 pieces of cookies in the plate and each of us got one hehe :3

Hello Kitty shot.

You know I You :')

Me with the super cute ugly doll ♥
I requested this from yein as my next year birthday present HAHA :P
but she rejected me :'( hahahahaha.

Left a two pages note on the book, we couldn't stop laughing at the drawing HAHA. 
Spot me, with the big head HAHAH x)

With the babes ♥ 

Group photo. Spot the photo in the phone that I'm holding :P

Took one photo before we left. 
The left one was the shop sign of the bakery, why so small la ? hahaha.

Dreamz :)
I love this place, will definitely come here again. 
Bye, xoxo.


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