Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day :)

Happy Malaysia Day people :D I'm here to blog about my awesome friday :P
I went picnic with my family this morning, yesh picnic :D
We actually planned this activity one week ago and aunt booked one small house for us.
Oh, the place we went was Ulu Yam but I forgotten about the resort's name lol. 
Reached there around 10am and we spent few hours enjoying our time there. Happy mode :)
All the photos below credits to the babe ;)

Nice weather :)

The small house, Idk what it call lol.
They were busy setting up the place.
*spot me*

Su Mei, me & Yein.

We had our eating spree before start playing with the water. 

Xin, me & Su Mei.

Before we get wet :P
Spot Crystal below us hahah.

Little Feng enjoying his nugget.

Half wet LOL.
I looks weird here. 

Sudah wet LOLOL. Crystal's pose damn cool hahah!

Group photo, but not everyone in this photo.
I didn't play for a long time and I went to change after this.

With Su Mei. 
Royale Kalana LOLOL.

Resting in the small house and we played with Ipad's game.
You'll never see a group of people screaming in nervous-ness while playing with games like, killing ants. 
Yes, this is us HAHAH. 
We had fun killing the virtual ants while there were so many real ants around us. 

We coincidentally wore the same colour pants :)

Enjoying satay :) 
We brought food we cooked and we had BBQ there too.

Camwhore all day long :P
Sweet potato it is. 

Naughty boy playing with his tortoise they caught in the river. 
You know what he did to the tortoise ?
Look at the photo below.

He POKED into it's head. Omg so cruel :X
But I can't stop laughing when he did that, I'm evil too :P 
Don't worry, the tortoise is still alive, it is in my house aquarium now ;)

Seriously had fun with the family :D Stayed there till around 1.30pm and we left.
We will definitely go there again, loving the environment there :) 
And, not to forget,

We gave her a birthday surprise after we came back from picnic. 
Will blog about it after the birthday girl upload the photos, stay tuned ;)
Bye, xoxo.


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