Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey you.

There is nothing to do with the title, I'm just bored. Lol.
It's 1.13am now and I'm not sleeping yet *oh hi pimples* 
It has been a long time since I last update my blog I guess, I've no idea what to blog about, or maybe should I say I'm too lazy to blog ? Haha whatever. 
Finals ended few weeks ago, and I got my results too, one word, sucks. I'll work harder I promise :) 
I've been slacking since finals ended and didn't do anything AT ALL. Shoot me please. 
I shall start studying for next year I know. Or else 4flat will never say hi to me :(
Even the novels I've been dying to read during my finals I've lost interested in reading them now. Haha. 
Somebody wake me up please, slap me shoot me kill me. I'm being lame here. 
Never know life can be so boring without exams LOLOL. 
Ok I don't know what to say now, shall just off to bed. 
The picture below is for anyone who is reading this, :)
Goodnight :) 

I hope this is the last goodbye.
Hey boy, I like you :)


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