Saturday, December 25, 2010

Forrest 1st birthday

Hello :)
Merry Christmas once again :D
hmm, so today I went Forrest 1st birthday party at Chill Out located at Subang Parade.
My mum is baby sitting him, so we're invited lol.
The party started at 12pm but we were late cause we got into wrong way lol.

Forrest, I didn't take his photo just now
so I took this picture from his invitation card hahaa.
paiseh paiseh.

outside the restaurant

We were having buffet lunch.
I didn't take any photo of our food.

smoking area

every child get this , this belongs to my lil bro.

Forrest's parents invited a clown to the party :)
A cute and funny clown.
And they invited one santa claus too, but I cant get to take photo.

the big teddy bear, the prize.
they prepared it for a competition during the party.
We left earlier so we didn't join.

these are all real presents not empty boxes lol.
We were asked to take one before we left.

and I took it.
guess what is inside ?

barbie doll !
I decided to give it to my cousin sis :)

We went home around 2.
and thats it for today, byebye :))


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