Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello :D A short update here :)
hmm, went Green Apple with wei sheng & mei mei (jie hau) just now.
Had around 2 hours of yam cha session.
Because our mei mei is leaving this sunday to ipoh for national service, how sad :(
hahaa :pp
Had fun there, wei sheng acted like ah pek there hahaa :p im sorry my dear :p
And I forced wei sheng to belanja me ice cream hahaa. lame.
Before leaving, I forced them to take a photo with me haha x)

wei sheng aka the boyf.
I look like ghost in this photo so I covered my face.
And I added one blue love LOL.
This guy is leaving to johor 7am tomorrow, leave me alone :(
I'll definitely miss you like crazy haha :)

mei mei aka jie hau.
one of my besties :)
he asked me not to post this photo on my blog.
but I posted :p
because you said ' NO PPL READ YOUR BLOG ONE LA'
hahaaa :pp
this guy is leaving on sunday, I'll miss you too!
Can't wait to see your botak head after 3 months :p

These two guys play an important role in my life, I heart them :')
Ok it's time to sleep I guess, hope I can sleep earlier lol.
byebye :)


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