Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ya I went to work today lol.
This morning when I was still sleeping, mum came to wake me up.
It was 8.30 in the morning, 8.30am !
I used to wake up around 12.30 nowadays, and I slept at 2 ytd night :S
Mum's friend asked me to work because her worker sudah lari diri LOL
no la, the worker go back to her hometown without telling the boss I think.
So she asked me to help her. okay lor. can earn money what hahaa.
Actually it is a quite easy job la, just selling exercise books bla bla in school.
Koperasi la, or 贩卖部 in chinese.
work from 9 to 2 o'clock.

this is the place I work.
I took this picture in the room.
The girl is my new friend, Jocelyn, same age :)
She did this job last year, she knows most of the things and she taught me :)
A friendly girl.

I took this photo from the front.
hmm, quite messy.
all the yellow packets are exercise books.

remember all these ?
we used to see it during primary school :)

and I found this :D
the zaman-dahulu-glue hahaa.

kiddie story book lol.
I read this kind of books when I have nothing to do.
no customer nothing to do lor lol.
It was the first day I work so I didn't know that it might be that free.
Jocelyn find me all these story books haha.
at least I have something to do.

2pm. Mum went to fetch me.
oh I forgot to say, the school located in Aman Puri, very near to my house :)
thats it for today , byebye :D

*cant wait for tomorrow


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