Friday, November 26, 2010


SPM started few days ago, everybody knows lol.
Here is a short update during spm haha.

my 'pencil case' during exam,
i added one cute giraffe sticker to make it look cute hahaa :p

First day of spm.
After BM paper 1, we had like 4 hours break.
I didnt go home, I went Dominos with him :)

Ms Lee Wei Sheng ahaha :p

rajinnya ;p

noob face hahaa.

I didnt take any photo of mine because I look really noob during exam hahaa.
After dominos, we went Mcd and bought one big set of meal hahaa ;p
hmm, nothing much to talk about spm.
sejarah paper shocked us when we turn on the paper hahaa.
Is siiva going to stop teaching ? hahaa :p
7 more papers to go.
ok la, gonna study now, having maths, moral, add maths and physics next week.
byebye :))


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