Saturday, July 31, 2010

Green Apple

Yes, Green Apple, finally I get to go there LOL.
I was just randomly posted something on my beloved Rojak Yein aka the 2nd babe's wall and told her I wanna go Green Apple. And she said she might be going and bla bla bla I'm lazy to say lol.
We were praying hard that our plan would goes well and luckily it did :D
Thanks to Jesmine for fetching us :) We met Keet Yee and another girl called Hui San or something like that, sorry i couldn't remember paiseh =x
We ordered only drinks, because we went there just to listen songs haa :p
The two singers, one guy one lady, their voice are nice :)
but but but , they didn't sing even a song that I chose, how sad :(
I didn't talk much, didn't really concentrate on listening songs.
I like Keet Yee, she is a cute, sweet and friendly girl :DD (sorry if I sounds random)
I didn't stay there for long time, around 10.40 I went home dy. Thanks gain to Jesmine for fetching me back home , thank you so much :)
I don't have photo with me, I think they will upload it on fb soon.
Till here for this post, byebye :)


  1. heyy thanks for the compliment *blushed* :D i like you too!u look very sweet and cute also!ur smile is lovely :) come,next time we hang out to green apple again!