Monday, April 22, 2013

Malacca one day trip 100313

Aloha ! Well, I know it has been almost two months since I went Malacca and update my blog, anyway I'm gonna blog about it now :D A short one it is hehe. Went with the gang, 10 of us, by taking public transport. Nothing much to talk about, overall it was fun despite that we lost our way while searching for satay celup and almost late for the return bus. So, let the photos do the talking, no photo of any food we've eaten cause I think it's the same food we eat everytime we go there, durian puff, satay celup, chicken rice balls, nadeje millicrepe , aren't they ? Lol.  

The moment we reached. Almost 10.30am in the morning. 

First group photo. 
More to come as we took photo in every places like we've never been to malacca before hahaha.

The ladies.

The gentlemen.

Pattern pattern sikit. 

Took again after we walked out from Jonker Street. 



Hmm, there were more photos but I'm too lazy to upload them all, just the group photos will do :) 
Even though this was not the first time that I go to Malacca, still I had fun with them, I LOVE THEM mwahs mwahs mwahs LOL 
Looking forward to our next trip, still planning, I can't wait :D 
Till then, byebye! 


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