Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day out with melons

Blogging mood is back so I'm here again lol. I have a bunch of good friends which I named them "melons". There's a story behind this name but then I don't think anyone who is reading this wanna know lol. Had a day out with them today, or to be exact it was yesterday cause it's 12am plus now. okay whatever. Most of us are having our mid-sem break, and today is the last day of the holiday sobsss. Planned an last outing before everyone is back to their respective uni, which some are very far awayyy. It was a simple day out, eat eat eat, chat chat chat, take photossssssss, the old same routine but still we enjoyed it hahaha. We took lots of photos, lotssss, but I'm posting few of them here. Photos credit to the guys :)
Can't wait for everyone to come back next year and have our real reunion (:

Ginny & Sinyin

Played around in some random shops.


Minghui and Kok


Us again.

Group photo of the day. Lost focus for ppl behind hahhah.

Photo of the day according to this guy. 

I cherish every moment I spent w them. Melons are the people I appreciate the most other than Chickies. Seriously thank God for sending these people around me, I feel so thankful for that. 
他们陪我走过我曾经崩溃其中的中六,我从来没有后悔认识过他们,也庆幸自己当初主动去认识他们。如今我们也各自朝自己的目标前进,真心的祝福你们,如果你们有机会看见的话。谢谢你们,我爱你们,真的很爱 。


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