Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello! Officially started my one month holidays now! Yeap, I just passed my 22nd birthday last week. Had a few rounds of celebration with few bunch of lovely people, thank you so much for all the loves!
First early celebration during exam week with hostel mates at Kissaten :) Thank you so much for sacrificing your study time, I had great time with you all <3 font="" nbsp="">

My girls.




Couldn't really remember the date, but I remember I was studying. Asked JC to help me dapao so that I can eat while studying. Surprisingly he bought me a piece of cake from A Slice of Heaven! It was sooooooo goooooood. Thank you so much T.T Feeling so much loved during my exam week.


Had an early celebration with the boyfriend at Le Midi, BSC.  


Yummy escargots.

Super delicious cod fish I had that night!

Thank you for everything :*


Huiyee dated me out for lunch at Goodsaltz the next day. I thought it was only me and her during the lunch but then she gave me a surprise. I reached earlier at the restaurant and I saw two of my friends were there and they gave me the look of "eh why you here also?!" I felt something was not right and I saw the table with the reservation under "CHUAH" which is one of my friend's surname, I burst into laugh after that. Thank you so much for the surprise lunch chickies!


High school mates, beloved chickies.


I went out for dinner with Huichei on my birthday. It has been a long time since we last met and finally we both had the time to. We went Top Hat Restaurant located in one of the bungalow in KL. 

Love the ambience there.

Signature Top Hat.


The hot lady.

Thank you so much for the night :)

On the same day while I was on my way home after dinner with Huichei, the boyfriend called and said he is coming over to my place cause he bought a cake for me. 

Officially 22nd.

And there goes my 22nd birthday. Thank you so much for all the wishes, texts, phone calls, celebrations and presents. My uni mates even made a video for me, thank you so much for showering me with all the loves! Sincerely appreciate it. I had a great 22nd birthday and I wish myself a great year ahead :) 


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