Friday, July 17, 2015


Hello! Yes I'm currently having my two months sem break yohooo.
Well, holidays mean more food and more sleep! I'm now working part time in a company for a month. Almost the same routine everyday for the past few weeks. 
Went on a 2d1n trip to Port Dickson with the chickies and I had damn lots of fun with them! 
A few photos during that short trip.

Mirror groupfie with the girls.

It was a sunny and hot dayyy.

Bunnies hahahah.

Group photo.

It was a short trip, so basically we just went to the beach and played for few hours, cooked steamboat during the night and head back home the next day. Looking forward to more road trips with the bunch!
A short update during the holidays, hopefully I can have more things to talk about the next round hahah. Byebye.


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