Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I just wanna express my feelings in this post, close the window if you dont wanna read it. thanks. It's spm year, we know, and you know too, RIGHT ? Can you just stop all these attitude ? Why everytime you said how much you'd work hard for, things still end up in the same situation ? Things has been happening for so many years and you didnt change AT ALL. Do you know that kind of feelings of, when you work hard in doing anything, but some people just steal it like this, do you know that feeling ?? It's spm year, not upsr, are you going to do the same thing during the real spm ? I have been tolerate (maybe not) for so many years, I didnt do anything just because you're my friend. For the first time you did this, I thought just the only once, but I'm too naive, I'm wrong. I hope you can stop this from now onwards, work hard yourself. You know who you are, I dont mind if you hate me, but I really couldnt stand it anymore. thankyou :)


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