Friday, August 27, 2010

Him ♥

I know I'm a bit late to update this, haha, but nvm.
I went Leehom's The 18 Martial Arts show case last sunday at ou.
I went there with my cousin sis and bro. We reached there around 4.15.
Met my long lost sister there, Qing Yan :D
We shouted like siao ppl when we saw each other haha.
Huichei went there too :)
The weather was soooooo hot !
We waited for few hours and finally Leehom appeared :D
but too bad he sang only one song :(
And I didn't get to get his signature cause there was too many ppl and he needa rush to airport :((
but nvm, that day was an awesome day too ! :D
here are the few photos :

Qing Yan :D

Huichei :) look at my hair, i sweat a lot.

Royce. my camera is not that good haha.



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