Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Few weeks ago, my beloved cousin sis told me yen-j is coming to sg.wang on 5th of sept, but no ppl accompany her to go. And so I 自告奋勇 say I am willing to accompany her hahaha.
At first we planned to go by ktm, but her friend, kah seng, said that he can drive us there.
I was happy cause no need to squeeze in the crowded train :p
The problem is, when she is going to see yen-j and lining up, I'll be alone, so i asked him to acc me on that day.
It's sunday :) around 2 something, kah seng came my house and fetched me to green apple. They had an audition at 3. Not gonna explain what is that, lazy hahaha. We wanted to leave at 4.30, but the boss insisted want us to stay until the audition is end. Finally we got to 'escape' at 5 plus. We were happy :D but unfortunately, we went to a wrong way and we totally lost :S We just continue moving without direction, asked for help from taxi driver but we dont know what was he talking about hahaa. bla bla bla, long story to tell, I'm lazy, haha. We reached cheras and called my uncle for help, and FINALLY, we reached there ! :DD phew ~
Cousin sis and I quickly ran into sg.wang cause she wanted to see her yen-j and get his signature, luckily we were not so late, but we cant get to listen to him singing.
And I quickly texted him , cause he reached there like 4 something and he waited for me for 3 hours long, felt so sorry :( and he appeared with french fries on his hand :D aww.
Went dinner with him and lepak after that. Met up with cousin sis and her friends at 9 plus and we went home :)

♥ him


  1. HOIIIIITS~ hahaha finally i've the chance to kacau ur blog post. LOL. the second pic u took w HIM.. SO SWEEET dei... the way both of u smile.. SAMA woi.. :DD

    oktata! :D

  2. Aww. nice picture! Im too lazy to read the words written :P