Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Life :)

Hello ! Loooooong time no see ! Lolol. My blog is so dead right now. I couldn't remember when was the last time I blog hahahah. But I'm here to blog again now :DD yeah *lame* 
I guess this is another short update before I start to blog again ? hahaha. 
I'm currently studying form6 in SMK Kepong Baru, didn't know that they started it so early and I was late in joining the class for one week. But it's ok cause they didn't really start the syllabus on the first week. I'm driving to school nowadays but I dislike it :( When I was in my old school, driving to school is like a dream, ya a dream to me LOL I'm too lame. But now, I wish I dont have to drive to school. I changed too fast lol. Few friends went there with me and I met new friends there too :D My classmates are friendly and some of them is my type HAHA. I mean they are gila gila too :P Hmm, overall I'm quite enjoy my new life now, I'm a ok happy girl hahaha what am I talking about. 
More posts coming soon I guess :P Stay tuned ! 


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