Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's all about fondue ♥

This post is gonna makes you feel hungry hahah. Last friday, I went Rendezvous Steak House located in Cheras to have cheese fondue with my beloved cousins :) There are two totally same restaurants there and the  restaurant I went was the one which located near Leisure Mall. We were craving for cheese fondue long time ago and finally we had the chance to try it :D 6 people including me went there. Their cheese fondue is so damn delicious *thumbs up* BUT, don't order their chocolate fondue, not nice :X Here are some of the photos, all grabbed from Angel's fb.

Cheese potatoes, nice :D

Cheese fondue with lamb cube, they come in a set :) 

Look at the cheese ! 

Yein the 2nd babe ♥ 

Edis & Su Mei 

Me & 2nd babe :)

And thats it for our cheese fondue trip :p 
Another coming soon, very very soon. Tadaaa !
Yesterday , we went Haagen Dazs for chocolate fondue hahah.
Jin tagged along this time too. 7 people altogether.
I think I don't have to comment anything about their chocolate fondue, one word, BEST. 
Let the photos do the talking :P Photos grabbed from Angel's fb too.

Haagen-Dazs, photo taken by the 2nd babe. 


Su Mei & Edis

Angel the 1st babe and her boyf, Ju Yew.

Chocolate fondue :DD

Love this photo :)


So delicious :P

3 of us :)

Group photo, Ju Yew was the camera man.

And lastly, before we leave, we took one group photo.
The real group photo hahaha.
Loving this photo too ♥

Are you feeling hungry now ? hahaha. 
I can't wait for our next stop food seeking session :P 
Till here, byebye. Have a nice day ! 

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  1. eh eh, the place u went in Cheras, the CHEEEESE FONDUE wannn... how's the pricing like? And where's the place??? :))))