Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asian Music Festival 2011

Hello people ! For your information, I went Asian Music Festival 2011 last saturday at MIECC.
It was fun and some singers are just too awesome :D 
That was my first time watching a concert for 10 hours :o
I got the ticket for free cause my cousin got it cause my aunt got it bla bla bla I'm lazy to talk about it and nobody wants to know too LOL.
Anyway, thanks cousin for giving me one of the ticket & thanks uncle and aunt for fetching us :)
The 2nd babe, Keet Yee aka yein's wifey, me, Mr sheng aka the boyf, and Han Xing aka the serious look crazy friend of yein went for the concert :)
Let the photos do the talking now, photos credit to Keet Yee :)

Keet Yee, Me, Yein & Han Xing

We got the idk-what-it-call thing to show our support to the singers we like.

Mr sheng :)

We were given the tag so that we can go in and out of the convention centre since the concert held for  10 hours long. Actually more than that :P

That was the starting of the concert, some unknown singers were singing :P
We took that chance to walk around and took some photos hahah.

24 Herbs from Hong Kong

Suki from Malaysia. 
Never know that she sings so well, she is AWESOME :)

Namcha from Thailand, quite pretty la hahaha.

Olivia Ong from Singapore.
Her voice melts everyone on the concert aww.

DJ Sam from Hong Kong. 

Paul from Beyond, from Hong Kong too.

se7en from Korea.
He is cute :D

FAMA !!!!
I guess I'm in love with them :P

They are so cute ! 

Put your hands up yo !

Tiger Huang from Taiwan. 
She is seriously way too awesome.
everyone get high when she came out woots.

Manhand from Malaysia.

A Du from Singapore.

Jess Lee from Malaysia.
Strong lungs she has, super fantastic voice.

张芸京 from Taiwan.

Lollipop F from Taiwan.

We sat down and rest when we felt tired.
And also when we were waiting for our fav singers to come out lol.
So mean la us :P

Edison Chen from Hong Kong.
He was the last singer to come out, 'big card' enough, you get what I mean ? :P
After watching his performance for a while we decided to leave as it was 1am plus dy.
Overall the concert was quite good, as it's free what HAHA. 
But I'd enjoyed a lot :)

Didnt post all the photos of the singers on this post, these are just part of it as I'm lazy and I'm sleepy.
I have school tomorrow and I'm still blogging :P
Ok la, time to go. Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog :)
byebye :D


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