Monday, April 13, 2015

Fuego, Troika Sky Dining

Hello! Finally the long-waited midterm break is here! Started my holiday with an awesome friday night with the boyfriend. Been wanting to try this restaurant out and finally we had the chance to. Boyfriend made a reservation weeks earlier because we actually planned to go on a day in january but too bad the reservation was full. So we postponed our plan until now lol. Fuego is a restaurant which serves South American cuisine. 

Before the sky gets dark.

Super cute baristas who posed for me when I was taking photo :D

The little plate.
Soft Shell Crab as Nachos. Super yummy!
Boyfriend loves it very much.

Another little plate.
Smoked Snails in the Jar. Quite nice.

The big plate.
Australian Grass Fed Rib-Eye. I love this!

Cookies Marshmallow 'n Chocolate.
I find this quite normal, not too bad. Boyfriend loves the mint marshmallow.

Magnificent view. I love KL. hahaha.

With the boyfriend. Thank you for the night :*

Both of us really enjoyed our scrumptious dinner with great ambience that night. Feeling blessed. Hehe. Would really love to come here again. And more food explorations to come with you 


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