Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vous pouvez parler français?

Few days back, while I was wandering around my hostel, watching some friends practicing diabolo, with my another friend. A British guy approached us, and asked about what my friends were doing. After around 10 minutes of talking, he came across to ask about what are we studying. 

"What faculty are you from?"
"Language faculty."
"Oh, do you all have french language courses?"
"Oh yes, I'm taking french!"
"Really? Vous pouvez parler français??"
"Oui oui!"
"Oh mon Dieu! Enchanté!"

He got really excited and so was I. He said I'm the first one he met in my uni who can speak french, well I guess he hasn't met much ppl tho hahahah. But I felt so happy because I can finally speak to someone in french other than my lecturers! Even though just a few sentences. That really made my day. Really. It gave me such big motivation to learn more in french. Fighting!


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