Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello :D So yesterday we went to dpc and we actually planned to meet up Pearly.
But but but, failed :( Because she had work and we needed to leave earlier.
So we ended up having our own gathering, and photo shooting session LOL.
Nothing much to talk about, look at the beautiful-funny-cute-or-anything-la-pictures.

The girls, Huiyee Joyi, me, Jiexi & Qinyi

Mr Sheng, the photographer of the day hahhaa.

Posing around.

Happy Valentine's Day LOL.

Happy Bunny Year ! hahaha.

Mr Sheng found this and we played with it :p

Went 32f to eat ice after Joyi left.
Huiyee and MrSheng left after that too.
Qinyi & I started to play with the camera and Jx was busy playing games lol.

Look at these two lesbo.

Qinyi the siaos.

The lesbo again. Polluted my camera lol.

My beloved JX

Huiyee's rocker pose LOL

I dont know why the lesbo laughed so happy, but this photo is funny hahaha.

Ok la, nothing much to talk about. More photos on facebook.
Next post coming soon :) byebye :D


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