Thursday, February 10, 2011

CNY Eve 2011 ♥

Happy Chinese New Year ! I know it's a bit late to say that now :p
Every year cny eve, my big family will have the tradition of having reunion dinner at some restaurant so that we don't need to cook and clean up after eating x)
This year the adults decided to have it at Emperor Garden which located at Manjalara :)
Let the photos do the talking now.

The very first photo 
aunt, uncle, cousin Crystal, aunt, me, cousin Cecelia

aunt Pearly, aunt Catherine, Cecelia, me & the 2nd babe Yein.

Cat, Cecelia & me


Yein x 2 

cousins Cecelia & Pui Boon

the first dish, Lou Sang

After LOL

2nd, 佛垂涎
this is awesome :D

the 3rd dish I think, whatever.
taken after some of them started to eat, abit cacat.

This is awesome too!
super huge prawn with cheese :p

fish fish

tong sui 
there were one or two dishes before this serve that I didnt take photo,
was busy consuming the prawn :p

After meal. Yam Sing !

The adults 

After this, we started to take group photo.
We took alot of photos, upload few here, more on facebook :)

The ladies, take 1. normal smile face.

take 2. Since this year is the Rabbit Year, we did the rabbit sign.

The guys.

My big family 

My small family ? hahaha.

Dad & Mum 

Headed to uncle's house after our reunion dinner.
And there goes the gambling session :p
Took photos too but I'm lazy to update all here :p
Thats it for this post, once again, Happy Chinese New Year !
more posts coming soon, stay tuned. 


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