Monday, February 14, 2011

Taiwan trip day 3 & 4

Continue from the previous post :)
We went Sun Moon Lake in the morning on the 3rd day. Nice view !
But due to the shortage of time, we couldn't go for a walk around the lake :(

Sun Moon Lake

Wen Wu Temple 
located beside Sun Moon Lake.

Push gold ship
they say this will bring wealth to you lol.

bro holding 关刀
Idk what it call in english :p

group photo with Guo Rong's family.
Not really clear due to the sunlight problem.

He is cool :D
A hearing impaired street performer.

My family.

Went to a random park to see white peacock.
And some others special animals, but I couldn't remember their name :p

We took ropeway to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.
There were a lot of people waiting for the ropeway and we waited for almost 2 hours -.-

look at the crowd.

finally, it's our turn.
with bro, abit blur. 

Entrance of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

We reach Japan ? no. haha.
It's sakura btw.
There is theme park in the culture village.
We spent around 2hours there and headed to KaoHsiung.

KaoHsiung Dream Mall

Hello Kitty ferris wheel.
Sorry for the ugly photo, I couldn't find a nice place to take photo :(

Random photo.

Headed to LiuHe night market after this.
Wasn't that crowded as FengChia, we manage to walk and eat.
Tried few food because we had our dinner at dream mall.
LiuHe night market.

The 4th day, we went FoGuangShan in the morning.

Group photo.
Spent whole morning there and had lunch there too.
Met Yik Han there lol.

Went some shops like Pearl Shop on the way to hot spring.
Didnt take photo. There's only little photo on the 4th day.
Enjoyed my time in hot spring until I forget to snap even a photo :S
Headed to Master Bear Resort Hotel. Nice place !

Master Bear Resort Hotel.

We joined the others tourists to play games there.
Had fun :D

After games time, it's time to put sky lantern, Idk what it call haha.
Everyone writing their wishes.

Lighted up the fire :)
And thats it for the night.

The next morning, took this before leaving :)
Few more posts, be patient :)


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