Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taiwan trip day 5 , 6 & 7

The 5th day.

some random photos taken when we stopped for toilet lol.
it's nice btw.

the train's head.

Went to ranch after that.
Feel so fresh there :)

Their natural milk ice cream 
Nice !

Cheese cake, awesome !
Stayed there for half an hour I think.
Bought few things there too.

Taroko National Park.
Windy & cold there.

Family photo.

长春祠 over there, we walked there.

Went some shops which promote their products which are extremely expensive lol.
The tour guide brought us to the beach, nice view but full of stones on the beach.
Went to watch the aboriginal's dance show after that.
Didn't take any photo and some shits happened on me, not gonna mention here.
Back to hotel earlier that day, cause we needa wake up early the next day.

The 6th day, back to TaiPei.

肉羹,we ate this while wait for the bus.
quite nice.

Taipei 101. 

nothing to shop there, cause it's like another Suria KLCC, sooo exp lol.

Mr.J Italian Restaurant.
Jay Chou's restaurant, no Jay Chou hahaha.

Thats Grace, and me. 
She wasn't taking photo with me, thats cameraman prob. haha.

Salad, okok la.

Soup, eww.

My Cheese Bacon Spaghetti, still ok.
but the others' one suck, too salty.

naicha, ok laa.

dessert, milk pudding.
overall the environment was good, but food suck.

I couldn't where is this, I suck.
I'm old :o

The soldiers were exchanging their duty.
their movement were soooo clean and tidy, and FUNNY hahaha.

Group photo again.

WuFenPu ! Shopping heaven :p
We decided to spend more time here and we didn't go ShiLin night market.
We were worrying about it will be like FengChia haha.

shop shop shop :p
After WuFenPu, we went XiMenDing.

Picture grabbed from google LOL.
I forgot to bring my camera out and left it in the hotel , I suck again.
Not as crowded as FengChia, normal. Good :p

The 7th day, last day.


didn't walk in to see, I'm lazy and sleepy that morning.

our bus, the most ang bus I ever seen lol.

We took bullet train to Taoyuan for lunch.
And after lunch, time to go airport, time to say byebye :(

boarding pass. 
Didn't take any photo after that, and flew back to M'sia.
There goes my Taiwan trip, I enjoyed :)


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