Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taiwan trip day 1 & 2

Hello ! I'm gonna blog about my cny Taiwan trip :D
I went there for a week, 1st day of cny till 7th day of cny. 
It was quite fun and happy, and I met some friends there :)
But I didn't take much photo there, Idk why haha.
My flight to Taiwan was actually 10am in the morning , few days before we depart , the travel agency called us and told us that our flight delayed to 5pm in the evening , WTF. It was Air Asia's fault -.- Wasted my one whole day , but we can't do anything , so just let it be.
Reached LCCT around 3pm , surprisingly GuoRong's whole family are joining this trip too, lol.
We departed at 6pm because the flight delayed again -.- Landed on Taiwan around 10.45 if I didn't mistaken. Headed to hotel straight after that because most of the shops closed, except 7-eleven lol. 

In the aircraft, noob air asia LOL.

Taiwan's map, took it in the airport.

The second day, we went JiuFen early in the morning. 
Tried few food there, quite ok la.

JiuFen old street, full of people, but we were still able to walk LOL.

snowflakes ? haha. Didn't try this because we felt full.

thie reminds me of doraemon haha. 
but it's ice-cream inside, quite nice :)

grilled mushroom, quite ok la haha.

AiYu, not nice one :S

After JiuFen, we went YehLiu Geopark. With all those stones in different shapes.

me LOL.

noob brothers hahaha.

this looks like elephant, right ?


the cute stones. didn't go near to take photos, too crowded.

After lunch, we went Lilliput & Doraemon Wonderland.


the doraemon's show characters
Zing Yi, Gei On, Dai Hong, Ah Fook
read in cantonese hahaha.

Gei On.

Dai Hong whole family & my whole family.

the super huge Doraemon.

We went FengChia night market for dinner. BUT, we ended up eating Mcd.
Know why ? Because it was full of people, like FULL. You cant even walk properly.
All the nice food stalls were having a super long queue, we were given one and a half hour there to spend, not enough not enough la! We gave up and went to have Mcd, how sad, me want nice food :(
Back to hotel after spending time in FengChia night market and thats it for my first two days in Taiwan.
Fun ? Stay tuned for the coming posts :)


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