Thursday, December 25, 2014

Melbourne trip

Okay I know it's study week now but I really don't feel like studying at the moment. Oh ya, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Lol. Okay so out of boredom, I've decided to blog a little about my Melbourne trip back in July. Went Melbourne during my sembreak to find my friends and I had a wonderful time there. It was winter that time. Let me sort out how should I blog about it hmm...

Okay, let's get started. I took a night flight cause it takes 8 hours to reach there. It was my first time taking flight alone and it felt really good :D I reached there in the morning, and I bought a skybus ticket at the counter right outside the airport to go Southern Cross Station, it costs 18aud for a single trip. Let the photos do the talking :) Here we go.

In the skybus.

Chilly weather.

Huiyee came over to meet me up and brought me to her house. After settling my luggage, we went out and head to the city. They were having their holidays as well, so I was there in time to go travel around with them :D

Meet Eeling, Huiyee and me
In the train heading to the city.

It was raining that day so it felt extra cold.

Hot chocolate in Hardware Societe,
my first brunch and it was awesome.

Will never forget this baked potatoes. 
I love potatoes!

Went Hopetoun Tea Room to have our teatime later in the afternoon.
Queued up for a long time but it was quite disappointing.

After spending some time walking around looking around in the city, went to Crown!
One of my fav place in Melb HAHAHAH. opps.

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.

One of my favourite photo during this trip.
Christmas in July!

Road trip :)

Great Ocean Road.

Magnificent view.


Philip Island. Spot the koala bear behind me, lucky us get to see it when it was eating!

So beautiful. Missing there.


Queen Victoria Market in the morning.

Another place I love, Brighton Beach!

Look at all the colourful beach boxes <3 font="">

Kawans. Had so much fun with them, all those killers night sleepless night.

Mount Buller. It was snowinggg! My first snow in my life.

With baby Huiyee

Top Paddock's blueberries pancake. 
It's sooooooo delicious!
Unforgettable. Really.

Soft shell crab burger.

Random Japanese restaurant we went which served really fresh salmon.

Nitrolab for ice-cream.

Another awesome restaurant. 
Meat & Wine Co.




Hammer & Tongs' soft shell crab burger. Super yummy too!

Nutella banana crepe at the street.

Such magnificent view at night.

Flinders street station.


Miss Marples Tea Room

Some Chinese food at China Town.

Breakfast. Couldn't remember the shop's name.

Eggs Benedict.

French toast with pear.

Green tea ice-cream.

Another food I will never forgettt.
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar!

Missing their hot chocolate with chocolate balls inside. Drools.

Last breakfast in Melb at Manchester Press.

Breakfast with 3 taitais LOL. 4 of us had the same food.

Tea Salon in the afternoon featuring Leanne.


Last dinner in Melb at Rosetta.

I spent 2 weeks plus there, and there were so many places and food I wanna blog about which I have no idea how should I start with. Overall, I spent a really good time there, one of the best experience I ever had. Wish to visit more countries in the future! 


  1. Wow it gave me little excitement for my upcoming Melbourne trip in July!

    1. Hahaha it was a wonderful trip! I think you'll love it too!